Protective packaging

Sometimes placing a product in a carton is not enough to ensure full stability and safety during transport. Especially electronic accessories, audio/video devices and goods in glass packaging require additional protection. Then, modern protective packaging may be helpful. Our company will provide it to you.

We will select appropriate type and size of protective packaging or make it according to individual specifications.

What protective packaging do we offer?

  • Nomapack – The Nomapack system is custom-made sponge profiles with appropriate carton made of corrugated cardboard. This solution is also ideal for small product series – reliable and at the same time financially optimal.
  • Cargo – Pak – These are airbags designed to protect goods during transport. They prevent products from moving in the carton and absorb possible impacts. They are available in 3 versions: Heavy, Medium and Light. The pillows are reusable.
  • Standard profiles – Perfect for protecting furniture, car parts, glass, electrical products and many others with fragile edges and surfaces. They are available in various sizes.
  • Fillers – You can order fillers, such as “crisps”, “threes” and “Flupis” – they provide products with additional cushioning and harden them in cardboard packaging.
  • Nortene net – Available in sheets and in the shape of a sleeve. Suitable for protecting chromed, varnished and other surfaces susceptible to mechanical damage.