Plastic film is a material that is ideal for packaging. It can be used to protect small details as well as large bulk packaging and entire pallets. It is durable, flexible and perfectly adapts to the shape of the goods. It provides excellent protection against moisture and damage.

If you are looking for reliable plastic packaging, choose the ones offered by Stok. We have prepared a wide range of solutions that will streamline the packaging process.

What plastic packaging do we offer?

  • Polyethylene film – In various sizes and with different technical parameters.
  • Stretch film – Manual and machine. Cast and air-blown. Transparent and black. Our advisers will help you choose the appropriate version. You can also order stretch film dispensers in several variants.
  • Winwrap film – It has been pre-stretched, which provides up to 50% savings in consumption. These are ecological, economical and functional solutions.
  • Plastic sheets – They are designed to protect the upper surface of pallets before applying the stretch film.
  • Hoods for pallets – Shrinkable and dustproof, adapted to all standard dimensions of pallets. We deliver them in perforated rolls, which increases the comfort of their use.
  • Bubble wrap – To protect goods against damage in transport. Available in various thicknesses and bubble sizes, also in antistatic version. The range includes bubble wraps covered with a layer of paper, aluminium foil and sponge film.
  • Foams – In several widths and thicknesses. Delivered in sheets or as ready bags.
  • Plastic bags – Polyethylene bags in various sizes and qualities. Moreover, we offer string bags in over 30 sizes as well as plastic bags. It is possible to personalize the plastic packaging by making an individual print – e.g. the logo of your company