Do you send goods via courier or post? Or maybe you are send important documentation using this way? You cannot risk in such a situation. You need reliable packaging that will protect the content and prevent its damage. You will find them in the Stok’s offer.

We manufacture a wide range of packaging for shipment from the highest quality cardboard. Solid, aesthetic and functional – they are perfect for securing all kinds of shipments, as well as archiving various materials.

In the product range you will find:

  • Air-bags, i.e. envelopes with bubble wrap – They are available in 10 sizes and in 2 colours: grey and white
  • Stockpacks – These are self-adhesive plastic pockets for sending waybills, invoices and other documents. They are available in various sizes and versions (permanent closure or multiple opening/closure). Various sizes, with multiple opening/closure or permanent closure.
  • Postpack – Envelopes made of corrugated cardboard with closure, available in several sizes.
  • Packaging for video cassettes – Ideal e.g. for storing materials registered by CCTV cameras. You can store from 1 to 6 cassettes in the version for cassettes. Ready to shipment without tape.
  • CD packaging – For storing 1 – 5 or 6 – 12 CDs. They have a self-adhesive closure and are available in various sizes.
  • 3.5″ floppy disk packaging – Double use. Ready to shipment without tape.
  • Tubes – Round and triangular. Available in standard sizes and made to individual orders