Professional protection

Binding tapes, rope and accessories

The Stok’s offer includes not only standard packaging materials but also those for special tasks. They will be perfect, for example, for securing pallets. Our solutions are durable and easy to use and, what is more, they comply with applicable quality standards. They will work in a number of industries.

What do we offer?

  • Strap tapes – There is the selection of polypropylene or polyester / textile tapes that are very strong and safe. They are intended for binding pallets, fixing insulation to ventilation ducts and performing similar tasks. Extremely durable.
  • Tools and accessories for binding tape – You can order a trolley with a dispenser adapted to feed different sizes of tapes. Moreover, we offer tools for strap tape, such as: clipper-tensioner, tensioners and clippers.
  • Clasps and clips for tapes – Including plastic clips for polyester tape, metal clips for polypropylene tape, as well as metal clips for tightening tapes.
  • Corners – Cardboard and plastic ones – to protect pallets and other elements.
  • Tools and accessories for closing bags – Including wires for bags of pure metal or steel covered with PVC.
  • Twine for packaging – Including sisal and polypropylene twine suitable for tying various types of parcels.

If you are looking for additional materials and accessories for packaging, order them also at Stok. We provide a wide range of solutions that will allow you to secure and label every product, as well as organize packing stations. If you have doubts what to choose, check the offer below or contact our advisers.

  • Polypropylene bags – Made of woven polypropylene, available in several sizes. Ideal for storing vegetables, fish products, cereals, feed or machine parts.
  • Storage bags – For transporting and storing loose products. Also available in a version with a personalized print.
  • Façade and shading nets – Securing scaffolding, available in several widths and a wide range of colours.
  • Labels – Both standard and control ones.
  • Signalling paints – For reflective markings, e.g. on railings or floor. Available in various colours, in the form of a spray.
  • Packing stations – In the modular system – each station can be adapted to your functional requirements