Professional protection

Adhesive tapes and accessories

Carton packaging is not everything. In many situations it is necessary to provide additional protection, for example, against accidental opening or damage during transport. The professional adhesive tapes for packaging are perfect for this role. The Stok’s offer includes many functional variants. Choose the ones you need to secure your goods during transport.

What is more, you can order functional tapes at us that can be useful for marking surfaces or during renovation and assembly work.

What do we offer?

  • Adhesive packing tapes – In several variants of the basis and adhesive materials, and in various sizes. Designed for manual and machine packing.
  • Warning tapes – They not only physically protect the packaging but also provide an additional warning to the transport crew, for example, with the theme “Attention, glass”.
  • Floor marking tapes – They can be useful for designating zones in warehouses, logistics centres and factories. Available in several expressive colours.
  • Double-sided adhesive tapes – Perfect for packing and performing simple assembly works.
  • Masking tapes – Used during painting and other renovation works to protect surfaces.
  • Printed tapes – They can be printed, for instance, with your logo; it is an ideal solution when you send products directly to the end customer.
  • Ecological paper tapes – Environmentally friendly and functional.
  • Technical tapes – For special applications.

In addition, you can order professional, manual tape dispensers for easy sticking, e.g. when securing packages. Among them, there are dispensers with a pistol grip.