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In Stok warehouse, more than 700 types of ready packaging awaits, tailored to the needs of each industry. Choose the right solution and secure your goods reliably and assuredly. Our cardboard and plastic packaging will rise to even the toughest conditions. Trust in long-lasting experience and know-how.

Corrugated cardboard packaging and paper

Cartons are perfect for packing almost all products - regardless of the industry. Stok offers you cardboard packaging made of solid, multi-layer cardboard. A wide range of sizes and shapes means that you can quickly match the perfect carton!

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Packaging for shipping

Do you send goods by courier or post? Choose safe packaging that will provide your products with reliable protection during transport. We have everything that you need: packaging in various shapes and sizes. Advanced electronics, microfilm, elegant gloves or a book - anything and anywhere you want to send, secure goods with the help of Stok.

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Plastic packaging

Plastic film works well for packing various products - including food or electronic. The range of our solutions includes such solutions as universal stretch film, winwrap and PE as well as professional film dispensers and accessories. These are durable and tight films that will protect goods against soaking and mechanical damage.

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Protective packaging

Secure the goods for the time of shipment so that they are not threatened with mechanical damage. We provide professional noma-pack and cargo-pack protections, as well as various fillers and protective nets. Thanks to them, the products will be safe even during long transport.

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Adhesive tapes and accessories

Dostarczamy taśmy do wszelkich zastosowań, także dostosowane do Państwa potrzeb. Od biurowych po zaawansowane technicznie. Ponad 500 wariantów naszych taśm jest produkowanych przez światowych liderów.

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Binding tapes, rope and accessories

Strap tapes, textured and plastic corners, sisal and polypropylene cords, clasps, as well as additional binding and packaging accessories – those you will find in this category. Professional solutions await!

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